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Sports play a crucial role in keeping us fit. The surface on which a sport played has a vital role in the player’s health, maintenance, and enjoyment of the local environment. The games are especially either played on grass or turf. For example, cricket, Soccer, Rugby, and Baseball are sports played on grass.

Cricket is a game that is especially played on the grass. Grass present on the pitch offers more bounce, seem, swing, and carry to the bowlers. On a grassier wicket, it is challenging for batsmen to bat on. In the ongoing T20 2022 World Cup, the grass on Perth’s Optus stadium made it difficult for batsmen to bat. In Australia, the grass mostly cut from the pitch, positively impacting seam, swing, carry and bounce, and batting becomes relatively more challenging.

Another significant game that played on the grass is Tennis. The most important grand slam Wimbledon, during June and July, played on grass. There are three types of courts in Tennis: Grass, Hard, and Clay.

Maintenance is the biggest reason people prefer installing artificial surfaces for the sport rather than grass. The artificial grass field needs less repair and the least cost to remove. An interesting fact is that Wimbledon played on a grass court, unlike other grand slams, like the French Open (played on a Clay court) and the US Open (played on a hard court). The most significant advantage of a grass field is that it recycles many things quite efficiently, like saliva, leaves, spilled foods and drinks, and even pieces of paper. In addition, grass, a more excellent surface than concrete, freshens the air by absorbing Carbon dioxide and producing Oxygen. People all around the world, while constructing their houses, prefer to have a lawn.

The grass also considered the traditional tennis surface. This sport was initially termed lawn tennis. In the past, all the majors played on grass except for the French Open. The grass is the fastest surface in the sport and is more challenging to the sports personnel. Due to the presence of grass, the rallies are shorter, resulting in a more straightforward game.

Comparison between Grass and Turf

Turf is more predictable in comparison to grass. The grass is a natural surface that many players grow up playing on. The Ball bounces more smoothly on grass. For games, grass surfaces are more attractive in the case of the national game of USA baseball. The new generation of football turf products look and feel like natural grass and are safe to use. Stadium construction often influenced by the need to adapt designs for installing hybrid grass or artificial grass for international football. However, natural grass does not grow in wintry weather conditions.

Playing on grass gives a player more satisfaction and a psychological edge, and it is less threatening than playing on turf. Cricket, Soccer, baseball, Tennis, and so many other sports played on grass with complete smoothness and efficiency. Most countries prefer their young generation to play outdoor games, and sports on grass can play a significant role. Longevity is also key for a higher preference for grassy surfaces as compared to artificial ones.

If we go into ancient times, then lawn games, bowl games, and throwing games all used to play on the grass. Golf is another worldwide popular game, especially on the American continent. Currently, the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup Cricket is also being played in stadiums where the grass used significantly. Lawn tennis has a rich legacy if we talk about the sports played on the grass.

In the Olympics as well, most of the games played on the grass. It is next to impossible for us to imagine the sporting world without grassy surfaces. Cricket, Tennis, and Football are these three games that can’t ever supposed to play on a surface that would be grass-less. Olympics also can’t imagine playing on a grass-less surface entirely.

Various sportspersons have advocated for choosing natural grass over artificial grass to make the sports world better in the future. Schools and colleges are also inspiring young kids to go outside and play outdoor games.

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