How to Prepare Your Dining Room for a Full Makeover



Planning a makeover for any part of your home can be exciting, not only for you and other house users, but also for your friends and family members, as they look forward to visiting and seeing your creation. 

However, it is important not to let yourself get too carried away with your project. It might be exciting, but it is also an expensive project as well. You could save a bit of money by not hiring tradespeople or subcontractors for jobs that you could do, or rather than going all out to get the perfect look, you may find that purchasing a few expensive items could achieve the look you were after without the hefty price tag. 

Create a Mood Board

One of the easiest ways to help you visualize a project and interpret it to others is to have a mood board. A mood board should contain material samples, flooring samples, as well as paints and finishes that you are hoping to incorporate into your new space. Alongside this, it is helpful to have some furniture ideas of the style or color that you are looking to attain for your room.

Emptying the Room

Of course, there is a way of spreading your money a bit further by selling the items from your old dining room either online or in a yard sale. You mustn’t assume that nobody will want the items that you are getting rid of just because you do not want them yourself. 

You will likely get more from selling the items online, either using sites such as eBay or a social media marketplace. When looking to sell large items, such as your dining table, offering potential buyers table shipping could be an advantage. There are shipping companies that specialize in this sort of shipping on sites such as Shiply, which act as a broker enabling you to get the best shipping price for the items that you are choosing to sell online.

Getting Things Done in the Right Order

When you are looking to get subcontractors in to complete work within your dining room, you must get them in the right order. This is so that they are not undoing any work of a subcontractor which you have already paid for. For instance, completing the wiring and adding any additional power sockets should happen before any plastering or decorating happens, and you will probably want plastering to be completed before any flooring is laid, regardless of whether it is solid wood or carpets.

Enjoy Unveiling It

After all this effort, dressing your new dining room before the grand unveiling should be enjoyed. Exercising your eye for detail is vital here, as it can be the difference between creating the ultimate wow factor or just an awkward silence. 

The secret here, as with all things, is in the little additions. Take your time, move your favorite pieces around to see where they fit the best, and don’t be scared to add a splash of color or texture to draw the eye into showcase areas.

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