NetBaseQuid is a journey created to help patients document their symptoms, treatment, medications, and the progress of their condition. It demonstrates its impact on your life and gives you something back. It presents all the information in a tidy infographic format requiring no coding or design know-how. It’s accessible regardless of browsing device or platform; users can start on the website, open its mobile app in-app browser, or download the iPad app for offline use. And it’s fun.

Treatment and medication information is stored on a centralized database, creating an easy way for you to interact with your medical team. The app also includes a `Favourites’ section to log medications and a `Reminders’ feature to ensure you take the essential medication at the right time and in the correct dose.

Patients have created all content presented in NetBaseQuid for patients. It means that all the data is factual, where possible, sourced from clinical trials or joined-up databases, and supports other patients’ journeys. During this process, we have worked with health professionals who have been happy to be involved in improving patient care through NetBaseQuid.

The app is diagnostic and diagnosis-specific. It helps patients understand their condition and treatment. It also helps healthcare professionals detect, diagnose, and manage various diseases.

NetBaseQuid provides an easy way to keep track of symptoms and medication you are taking. It allows you to stay focused on your condition, ensuring that you are not experiencing side effects from medicines and can make the best decisions for your health. You can share your journey with healthcare professionals – like a GP or hospital consultant – during consultations or over the phone via voice recognition. NetBaseQuid provides you with something to show them while they can explore your data further via their tablet.

NetBaseQuid also works seamlessly with people living with conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s who experience problems reading conventional medical records because they may be easily confused. In this setting, the app gives patients a way of understanding what is happening to them and the reasons why.

It allows patients to share their journey quickly, but most importantly, it keeps track of information so others can learn from it. NetBaseQuid has been designed in a way that does not distort the truth or hide medicine side effects. The app is transparent, allowing patients and healthcare professionals to interpret results similarly.

The NetBaseQuid database has been compiled by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and researchers. Much information has been accessed from clinical trials or other health databases that have yet to be made available to patients. Additional information has been collated with the help of patient experts and representatives from health charities such as Parkinson’s UK. This data is presented in a way that gives you a complete picture of your condition and current symptoms so that you can make informed decisions about your situation and treatment.

NetBaseQuid presents all the information in a tidy infographic format that requires no coding or design know-how to create. The data is presented in a way that is easy to read, understand, and share.

Unlike other patient journey apps on the market, NetBaseQuid has been created with input from patients, charities, and health professionals to ensure it is true to the needs of patients and doesn’t just benefit those who are developing it. We wanted to create something that provided you with all the information you needed about your condition and was fun and informative. Something that had been designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or Diabetes. Something that patients had created for patients. Something that could help improve treatment regimes and keep patients safe at home or in the hospital.

NetBaseQuid is an interactive patient journey app that helps you understand your current condition and make informed decisions about your treatment. The app has been created by patients for patients – giving you the power to control your situation, particularly your symptoms and medication. It also helps healthcare professionals detect, diagnose, and manage various conditions.

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